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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Mechanical Construction

Installation of petrochemical process plant and Equipment meeting ASTM/API Standards, Condition/Vibration monitoring of rotating Equipment, Fabrication of process piping system up to 32” dia., Bulk Storage Tanks as per API 650 A, Vessels, Furnace, Silos , Structural steel fabrication, Grit Blasting & painting, pressure testing & commissioning of process plant , Installation of Firefighting system, Erection of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Space Frame structures etc. to name a few.

Plant Maintenance Services: Knowledge and experience are critical to the success of any job. The complexities inherent in industrial applications leave absolutely no room for miscalculation. Therefore, it is vital to use a total industrial plant/facilities, maintenance, construction services company that understand the important of detail.
Plant & Turn Around Services: MCCL are proud of our ability and strategy of “self performing” almost of our facilities management and plant maintenance services to help with schedule, response, energy efficiency and cost control. 
vMCCL along with its partners offers effective Plant Shutdown and Turnaround services. MCCL play a major role with organizations to achieve a cost effective and time efficient shutdown/turnaround using our process and Maintenance Shutdown Planning. We have been successful in saving substantial amounts of money for organizations that have used our products and services. We deliver on all of our services with integrity and professionalism. 
EQUIPMENT OVERHAULING (Columns, Reactors, Vessels, Etc.): MCCL can attend to total service requirement arising out of Shutdown Plant Overhauling jobs. To be a competitive organization, we have developed total resources required to Plan and execute multiple tasks at a time and have all required equipments developed in house.
SCAFFOLDING & INSULATION SERVICES: MCCL has evolved into one of the most competitive scaffolding & insulation services, providing the work for hire or domestic and commercial market. We are a family run business and we pride ourselves on our personal attention to each and every project we undertake.
Whether it is access to a chimney on your own property or a multi-million riyal construction project, we at MCCL. have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to handle the job.
API INSPECTION & NDT SERVICES: MCCL inspection services are established in order to cater the in-house requirements in projects and Shutdown services. Our expert API certified inspection teams provide our clients thorough and reliable evaluation for code compliance. Our comprehensive inspections are performed by well trained and competent professionals that are knowledgeable in regulatory and industry standards.
  • Power & Lighting ( Building and Process Utilities)
  • Power & Control Panel Installations (Switchgear, Switchboard, LCP & MCC)
  • LV, MV & HV Underground Cabling
  • Cable Tray Installations
  • Electrical Equipment Installations (Transformers, ATS, MTS, Generator, UPS, Rectifiers, etc...)
  • Explosion Proof Electrical System (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Commercial Electrical Works (Hospitals, Government Facilities, Schools and Universities etc…)
  • GIS Substation Maintenance & Overhauling
  • Electrical Plant Utility Maintenance
  • Cathodic Protection System
  • Grounding Lighting/Surge Protection
  • Fire Alarm System Works (Conventional & Addressable)
  • Conducts wide range of Electrical Installation Testing (Hi-pot, Contact Resistance, Insulation, Grounding, Illumination, Continuity, Phase, Transformer Winding Resistance, Dielectric Test, Relay Calibration)
  • SCADA, DCS, Tubical Transition Flow materials and Loop Connection

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